Understanding the difficulty of finding a top-quality handbag in the style and colour you desire, why not have a handbag personally designed by Ez, tailored to your unique style and personality? EZ LE ROUX items can be ordered in any leather, such as crocodile, ostrich or any other leather you love. Choose from many available colours or a specific colour of your choice. Add any design elements to the jewellery adornments, in solid gold, diamonds and/or coloured stones, e.g. your birth stone, initials, or anything of significance to you – the sky is the limit!

With Ez’s expertise and your individual taste, let’s embark on a journey together to design your unique fashion statement! Please arrange a personal appointment with Ez at a suitable location. Click Here: Trust is built by Ez’s professional, personal and friendly involvement from start to finish, ensuring complete satisfaction with the end product. Be treated with respect, understanding, honesty and dependability as a valued client of the EZ LE ROUX brand.

  • Enjoy the experience with Ez in designing a unique handbag according to your personal style and passion.
  • Create a personalized design of sentimental value in solid gold, diamonds and coloured stones, adding extra value and love to your creation.
  • Contact Ez for an appointment at your home or a suitable location.
  • Crocodile leather: Depicts the various scale shapes and sizes of the crocodile skin.
  • Ostrich leather: Recognised by its unique quilled and tactile texture of the ostrich skin.
  • Bovine leather: Smooth or slightly grained cow hide.
  • All leather available in a large range of colours, various grades and finishes. EZ LE ROUX prides itself in using only top-grade leathers.
  • Precious Metals:
    • Solid Gold, from 18ct-24ct, in yellow, white and rose gold.
    • Platinum
  • Stones:
    • Diamonds:
      • Cut: Various shapes available.
      • Colour: White, black, yellow and fancy if required.
      • Clarity: Superior quality used.
      • Carat: All sizes available.
    • Coloured stones: All precious and semi-precious stones available in various sizes, colours and cuts.
    • Incorporate a personal/heirloom stone into the design for added sentimental value.
  • Your finished article! Enjoy many happy moments with your one-of-a-kind handbag, ready to accompany you in all the future glamorous events you’ll be gracing.

"an uncompromising level of
design, quality and luxury."


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