Frequently Asked Questions

What other colours can I order?

Currently 14 colours are available. A special colour can also be ordered for a custom-made handbag.

Are all the EZ LE ROUX handbags available only in crocodile leather?

No, ostrich, bovine or any other leather of your choice can be used. Please make contact with your unique requirements.

Are the handbags commercially mass produced?

No, all the handbags are once off and have an identification number.

How many artisans are contributing to the manufacturing of a handbag?

From the artistic conceptualization of the design of the handbag and jewellery piece, to the completed item, at least 10 specialists in their respective fields, are required.

How long does it take to manufacture a handbag?

Many processes and artisans from the leather and jewellery industries are involved, therefore at least one month is needed. Custom-made orders might take a little longer.

Can I personalize the jewellery piece on the handbag?

Yes, I can design and manufacture any piece according to your specifications.

Are the EZ LE ROUX handbags practical?

During the design stage, a great deal of attention is given to the practical elements such as size, pockets, straps, handles, zips etc.

Are the handbags lined?

Yes, only the best quality goats-suede is used. The EZ LE ROUX brand colour is medium gray.

Are the straps adjustable?

Yes, to various lengths.

Can I supply my own design for a custom-made handbag?

Yes, I can design a personalized pattern for you, keeping in mind the practical and aesthetic appeal, however, I will not reproduce or imitate any handbag of another brand.

Can a cheaper metal, such as silver or gold plated metals be used?

No, the EZ LE ROUX brand only incorporates the use of the highest quality solid precious metals.

If my handbag is accidentally damaged, can it be repaired or restored?

Yes, any restoration can be done. Please contact EZ LE ROUX for arrangements.

Will EZ LE ROUX handbags gain value over time?

Yes, definitely, as top quality leather and high carat precious metals and stones are used. The collections are limited items and numbered, thus, the EZ LE ROUX creations will become investment pieces.

Where can the handbags be purchased?

They are not available in stores and can only be purchased directly from the EZ LE ROUX website via our contact form.

How available are the handbags?

As the handbags are limited, please contact EZ LE ROUX on our website to check availability.

What is so unique about the EZ LE ROUX brand?

All handbags are adorned with high carat precious metals and stones. Each handbag is handmade by master artisans. All the handbags are limited items with their own number stamped inside. The creations are original unique aesthetic designs.

How long does it take to manufacture a custom order?

Approximately one to two months, depending on the leather colour availability.

Will the handbags ever be marked down on sale?

No, as they are one of a kind.

Can I order any jewellery piece such as a ring, pendant, bracelets and earrings to match my handbag?

Yes, I can design any piece according to your specifications, to compliment your handbag, as I have been designing jewellery for more than 30 years.

What else do I receive with my EZ LE ROUX handbag:

You will receive a matching leather card holder or keyring as a gift. Included are a care guide, authenticity certificate and a polishing cloth.

Are the EZ LE ROUX creations for daytime or evening wear?

All the handbags are very versatile and can be used any time of the day and night and with cocktail wear.

How are the EZ LE ROUX creations packaged?

The EZ LE ROUX handbag is presented in a white satin drawstring bag with a soft inner flannel, packaged inside a white branded upholstered carry case.

Are the handbags available in a combination of colours or plain?

Although a combination of colours is more exiting and adds an element of design, single colours can also be ordered.

What is the quality of the handbag?

All the handbags are sturdy and structured, ensuring a lasting shape. Only the highest quality leather, precious metals and stones are used. The stitching is very strong and neat. All the handbags incorporate practical elements ensuring space for necessary items such as phones, wallets and cosmetics. Only the best quality goats suede lining is used inside each handbag. The metal feet are securely fixed.


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